Status Update

The overhaul of the graphic engine to Ogre has been complete for a couple of months now. However, the Undo/Redo functions also had to be significantly changed, as well as saving and loading. That's what I was doing the last couple of days. Undo actions got a whole new class (it was just a struct before), and now you can undo color and size changes too. Loading files however, especially those from older versions, still requires some testing. The same shapes are available now as are in 0.3.1, but with Ogre adding a new shape is nothing more than creating a mesh in Blender, exporting it, and adding 2 lines to view file and one action to the GUI.

In addition to that, as of 13. 1. 2009, Opeke 0.4 has the following new features:
- Warning when closing a modified file
- Taking a snapshot of the 3D view only
- Tool Options dock widget now changes layout according to its geometry (so it's also useful when docked above or below the view, not just left and right)
- Enabling and disabling discrete positioning (whether to freely build bricks or to build them on an integer "grid")

I don't think there's much left to do for a release, only file I/O has to be fixed. The program itself is stable, and taking pictures of your creations is supported. You are warmly welcome to post them here, in the Gallery. Just send me an email and I'll create an account for you to upload them.

To download the latest development version, go to the Subversion page. At the end of the file list there's an option to download a GNU tarball.