System Requirements

Due to its nature, Opeke requires a 3D-rendering capable system. This can be done by software rendering, but for normal performance it's better to use a graphics card and a driver with 3D support.
Otherwise, the program itself doesn't require much resources. It should run on any computer capable of running

Operating System
Because of its KDE dependency, Opeke will only run on platforms supported by KDE. This used to mean Linux or BSD, but thanks to projects like and, KDE now runs on every mainstream OS. However, note that both these projects are currently in unstable state. The preferable OS to use Opeke is still GNU/Linux.

Software Requirement
Opeke depends KDE4 for GUI and OGRE for 3D display. On most Linux distributions, thier libraries should be installable from that distribution's repositories. Alternatively, you can downlad them from their respective home pages.